Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catch up time.....a peek at SF

I have had the privilege of having our daughter home for almost 6 weeks now and we have been able to do many wonderful things together.  Though the time is never long enough or what you expected, if honest with yourself, it has been full and fulfilling.

She is also a fellow photographer and I continue to learn from her enthusiasm.  She shares her pictures often on her blog and spends way more time devoting to this passion than I can possibly give at this point in time.  Yet, I love seeing her expound her craft and I get to join in.
So I will make a stab at keeping up my blog as well.

And here are some of my photos from the Digital Photo Academy workshop  we took with our instructor, Josh Anon

We arrived early at Pier 39 to avoid the crowds that were sure to show up later.  Everything was fresh from showers and being washed down, so we looked around for interesting reflections.

Store windows had some fun things.

We walked out to look at the water and the sea lions and I remembered that I had read an article in the past month about them vacating this area and how over 2000 showed up off the coast of Oregon!!  This used to be packed with them.

Josh had us try our hand at zoom blurs, many attempts, need many more, but I like the  effect.  Now to work on keeping the center crisp.

And using the Lens Bay Composer
This is going on my wishlist!


Whatcha lookin at?
Actually, shooting the same scenes, objects with other gifted photographers was fun and challenging.  We were shooting the same things, but seeing them differently.  And I must say, that I like Angela's composition on this one better.

Nothing great about the angle, just yummy bread, hard not to reach in and grab a fresh loaf!

They make fun bread sculptures at Boudin Bakery at the Wharf

Inside, and I need to listen to my instructor and make sure I am including the whole sign......darn..

A whole wall of windows with the green bottles inside....

So that is that for now, many more pictures...but back to work tomorrow, my cold and time to "lay around" will have to wait for another time...until then....

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Angela said...

My favorite is the pink lemonade!