Monday, May 03, 2010

Cruisin through Morro Bay Car Show 2010

Got out & enjoyed the great weather this weekend.  We picked up my in laws and headed to Morro Bay for breakfast and to stroll the cars.  We knew they would like it, knowing they had some of the cars "back in the day" and bring back some good memories.

We started out with breakfast at Kitty's Kitchen with a great omelet and friendly service.  Then took to the streets for a walk.

The cars are always good for great color, lines and details.  So I had some fun, took some artistic leeway and here are the results of the morning.


Dad in law admiring all the hardware

See the smile?  memories, good memories...

View at the end of the road

Pop's Favorite
 Always fun, always fun people......

1 comment:

Trav'ler Jenn said...

yeozah! love the old T-bird dash shot.
and the pink cars. why o why don't they make hot pink cars anymore? I had to settle for red.

awesome work lady! as usual!