Saturday, June 19, 2010

Taking a Step...

I am undertaking another step in learning to put myself "out there" literally.

I am going to enter some images into a local call for entries for the Exhibit "Photomorphosis".

I started attending the meetings to a group I joined, long ago, at the local Art Center now known as  San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.  It has always been a challenge to put myself among other accomplished artist/photographers.  This group amazes me with the collective talent in the room.  Any way...we were asked to bring images for review, ok, that was a challenge.  So I printed some, did not email them as I should have and missed the opportunity to get some feedback.  So now, I have asked for one person to please give me some feedback on them, it is a lesson on many different levels.
The type of imaging being called is, well, let me quote:

"The goal of Photomorphosis is to showcase a wide variety of cutting edge digital imaging techniques which "morph" or stretch an image into a more abstract, expressionistic, impressionistic, or pictorial look and feel..."

Here are 6 that I have chosen, which in itself is difficult, how do you choose from literally thousands of pictures to play with?

So here I go, if anyone is even reading this, I would appreciate some feedback.  Thank you in advance.

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