Sunday, August 15, 2010

Absolutely fabulous Birthday!

Today was just a fabulous day all around.  Slept in a bit, then remembered that I had wanted to ride to Solvang to check out the Vintage Motorcycle Museum and the Mission Santa Ines right around the corner.  The last thing I wanted to do was sit home.  I wanted to get out and revel in the day and do some different things.  So, off we went a little after 8am south.  First on the agenda was breakfast in Nipomo at The Mayor's Place for breakfast.  Just a unique local cafe.

  After filling our bellies, we headed south to hwy 166 and then Tepusquet Rd. to Foxen Canyon to Solvang.  A great ride through the back hills.  We came across a huge herd of deer, we have never seen this many in one place, Terry counted 26. 

Then a snake stretched across  the lane, soon to be a sail snake.  Then a Bison and a baby, along with a big ole Texas Longhorn.

We made it to the Solvang Motorcycle Museum which was amazing.  The vintage motorcycles are incredible. 

 Then over to the Mission Santa Ines for the Fiesta...great food!! But the authentic music and dance weren't to start until on to get...


Big ole pancake balls dripping with raspberry sauce and powdered sugar!

Ok now I am ready to head home.

A walk around town, a stop at the Utopia Bakery to buy a cake, 

and I am done for the day.  I had a fantastic birthday, thanks to my incredible hubby for indulging me, (and the present was over the top ;) ) and all the family and friends that checked in overwhelmed me.

I am humbled and blessed.  Here is to another year!

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