Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Girls Trip Part 2

How can life keep sling shotting by.  Already a month has slipped by since the great girls trip back east.  So I am going to keep this short....the stories are many and the memories even more.

I love the time spent with my sisters and our mom...seeing family, meeting more, reconnecting with friends and making new ones.

I will let some pictures speak for themselves.

Skylight room at the Beaufort B & B

Haint Blue...there is a history in that color

Glorious Magnolias

Mimosa Blossoms

Stealthy  Creature

Swings Bordered the Bay

Lovely Cynthia


Gilbert, our Guide Horse

And Blue the Leader

Old Showing through the new

Origin of Dog Tired

Leading to .......

Great Place for Lunch and......

My First Sweet Tea!

And the best end to the day
So many memories.....

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