Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 20/30 TDOT

Latte Love

Only 10 more days to go...

Next week Thanksgiving Day, then on to Christmas...I wish for days past when the kids were younger & at home, because that meant there was an actual break or holiday vacations.  Now it seems we try to find time for the holiday season.  So, my challenge is to find the thankfulness in the midst of everyday life with the holidays still happening, just in a different way.

The first reflection of thankfulness is the time that I will take to spend visiting with family and friends.  I WILL TAKE the time ;)

Then another thing to be thankful for is the crisp cold rainy weather that usually accompanies this season.  It is turning green, beautiful green with the dust and dirt rinsed off.

And thankful for the special coffees that makes my mouth smile.

Thankful for the memories of past and the ones being made.

And now I am thankful to be able to process, edit and play with some photographs.
See you tomorrow

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