Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 30 Final Day of 30 Days of Thanksgiving

Goodbye November...I am Truly Thankful

I did it!
30 consecutive days of blogging my thanks

It has kinda been like a roller coaster ride, one day up, one down, some days just spun around all together and then when its done you want to do it again!

Crazy life

I am starting this in the morning and will finish tonight

My first thankfulness today is for all the families of those deployed and being deployed and those that are gone or in the process of leaving.  I do not know the sacrifice first hand, but second and it is painful no matter how hard they "buck it up" and wear brave faces.  Please know my thankfulness comes from the very depths of my soul for all of you.

Now for the evening entry...

thankfulness for another day to stick around

for dinner in the crockpot when I got home from work

that my sister's sciatic pain is better

for laughter & lunch with a dear friend at ThaiRiffic in town

For the time to go to lunch

And for you, who actually took the time to read my ramblings

I will still be posting my photos and whatever pops into my mind.  December, here I come

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