Monday, June 25, 2012

Pismo Beach Classic Car Show 2012

Blurred Woody

Here it is already a week since the Pismo Beach Classic Car Show and I guess it always astonishes me the time it takes to carve out a bit of the day to go through the images and then pick some (that's a hard part) then edit and post in a few different places.

Blended Reflections

My daughter was coming home for the weekend, Father's Day and to pick up her deployed hubby's car that we had stored, (he is almost home!!!) I had seen a local "Meetup" sponsored by Light Workshops based in Los Osos, CA and decided to join a handful of other photographers to shoot for the morning.

Classic on the Pier

Met at 6:30am...not bad, but it was a Saturday morning and Angela got in the night before.  But, being the troopers we are for a photo shoot with friends, we shot down the canyon and parked just a block away from meeting everyone.

Clear Skies! in Pismo!  in June!  at least for a bit.
It was a great time to be out and before the massive crowds arrived.

For the Love of Fins   

Reflections of Pismo   
We started in the street across from Splash Cafe, and then into the area with some great classics as they chose their spots for the day.  Incredible works of art.

Interior Art Work

Moody V8 

And out on the in the fog, how perfect!

Classic on the Pier

Watching & Taking Notes...Hal "Bull" Schmitt  

Semper Fi...Always    

Ride the Rocket 

Rockin Red Interior-Ranchero
We had a great time.
Will be back for more.  Enjoy and come see us next year!