Saturday, November 24, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving | Day 24

Vineyard in the Evening Fall
Saturday, what a week, could I cram any more into it?
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday....

Back home from So Cal, safe and sound

Moon Shot after shooting plane night trails
I am thankful for a full and wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends

My sister and brother in law who traveled from Oregon, who made sacrifices in their own ways to be with family....I am thankful, I love you!

Walking in the Mist in Morro Bay

My Oldest sister, Claudia, btw...I miss you of her oldest and best friends hosted the whole Campbell gang (and I mean gang) at their home...I am thankful, Thank you Peggy & Bob, I love you!

My mom, who is 85 yrs young...and runs circles around me!  I am thankful...I love you, MOM!!!

My Beautiful Mother
For my ever loving sisters, who NEVER age!!!!  Chris and Cyn, I am thankful and I love you!!

Christine & Cynthia....
And John, of course, you too ;)

Judy, our adopted sister...I am thankful for such a full family!

And spending time with our daughter and son #2.....I am thankful and blessed...Love you!!!!!!

Angela and Les
Able to connect with our son on Thanksgiving,  I am blessed...Love you!

My husband, I am thankful...he truly loves me did I deserve  this? LOVE YOU!!!!!
Terry and Val Kill More
New experiences,  I am thankful

A drive by hug from my Nephew, Adam, who took the time from cleaning up from Turkey Day to come by, I am Thankful....Love you, AD!!

Home, I am thankful

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