Monday, November 09, 2009

Playing with my Sunflowers/Girasoli

I am an ongoing student.  Learning my camera and enjoying the beauty I find in simple things around me.  The day was beginning to dawn and the vase of sunflowers sitting on the dining table where I was sitting were so beautiful with the vibrant colors, I thought I would try to catch the details.  So I tried hand held, nope, then tripod with the flowers on the kitchen counter and the down light from the cabinets, better, but then the morning sun began to stream in and I moved everything to my back room, aka:  my studio and took out my other lenses, tried them, no, still not what I wanted, connected my remote shutter release, better, good light and played with the backgrounds.  All in all had a fun time and these are a few of the results without really tweaking them in PS.



Angela said...

gorgeous! I think I like the third one the best, but they are all beautiful!

Angela said...

love the new layout, too :)

choosing faith said...

I agree with Angela, I like the 3rd photo the best, but all are wonderful. The smile on my face confirms it, you share joy and your gratitude engenders gratitude in me.