Monday, September 01, 2008

Day 2 into Terry's 4 corner trip for me

Well, this is Terry as he headed out to meet up with a friend to hit the 4 corners of the USA!  You can follow his trip at:
With the Hurricane Gustav, they already altered the first leg of the journey from San Ysidro, Ca to Key West, FL.  And to contend with Hurrican Hanna.  Stay tuned!

So, this a result of some extra time on my end.  So different with your companion gone.  Truly a piece of me is missing, but there are plenty of projects to keep me busy.  And because I am updating their blog, maybe I will spend more time with mine!?

I went to the nursery and told them I wanted to repot some pots with fall colors and we came up with these.  

And these, I found these pots in the 1/2 off rack out back.  I really like them!
Everything looks good, but standing back, there doesn't seem to be as much for the time and the money spent.  But it does look much better than what was out there.  And I cleaned up the flower beds and have a few ideas for them as well.

Off to a new week, goodbye to a great 3 day weekend.