Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Tribute for Fathers

Father's Day is tomorrow.  Many thoughts float in and out.  First, I miss my dad.  He has been gone for 5 years now.  Our fathers shape our lives in ways mothers do not.  He was a big man in my life, and I didn't fully appreciate him, of course, until I was old enough to understand him a bit more.  Father's are such a powerful force in our lives. 

Col. Robert A Campbell

Then I married and was blessed with 2 great children, and with their father comes another wonderful story... but I am going to share the pictures that I framed and will give him tomorrow.  And now he has my love & respect as a Father, not an easy role to fulfill. 

Ivan & Terry

Safely in Holding Hands

Yes, we taught them early....

Time for Reflection

MY Dad!
 Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out there....

Taking a Step...

I am undertaking another step in learning to put myself "out there" literally.

I am going to enter some images into a local call for entries for the Exhibit "Photomorphosis".

I started attending the meetings to a group I joined, long ago, at the local Art Center now known as  San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.  It has always been a challenge to put myself among other accomplished artist/photographers.  This group amazes me with the collective talent in the room.  Any way...we were asked to bring images for review, ok, that was a challenge.  So I printed some, did not email them as I should have and missed the opportunity to get some feedback.  So now, I have asked for one person to please give me some feedback on them, it is a lesson on many different levels.
The type of imaging being called is, well, let me quote:

"The goal of Photomorphosis is to showcase a wide variety of cutting edge digital imaging techniques which "morph" or stretch an image into a more abstract, expressionistic, impressionistic, or pictorial look and feel..."

Here are 6 that I have chosen, which in itself is difficult, how do you choose from literally thousands of pictures to play with?

So here I go, if anyone is even reading this, I would appreciate some feedback.  Thank you in advance.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Tomales Bay and Oysters!

Going back a bit further, to a long weekend taken in Sonoma to watch the AMA National Superbikes for a bit of racing, we took a ride over to the coast, which is always one of my favorite places to be.

I had read an article on the best places to try Oysters and there were 2 named in Tomales Bay, CA . One was The Marshall Store .  I have never had Oysters before, except when my dad would open a tin of smoked oysters.  So, since we were passing by anyway, I talked my husband into stopping and joining me for a new adventure.

 They took fresh oysters, shucked them, put them on the BBQ, added some sauce, covered them and warmed them through.  Yes, warmed them......

What could be better, motorcycle, the coast, and trying something new!

OK, here we go!

Lookin good!

One of the faces I made..

Actually, not too bad after the first initial shock of texture, gulp...

All done   

Outside seating overlooking the bay

And that was experience, happy tummy and ride on down the road....

Memorial Weekend at the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festa

Last weekend was Memorial Weekend.  My first thought is always of those that served and are serving our country to preserve my rights.  A heartfelt thank you to all.  My dad was a Marine, so I am officially a military brat.  My son in law is in the Navy and I respect and honor him and our daughter who support him.  My niece's husband is in Marines, and again my respect to both.

I had the pleasure of going to our local Strawberry Festival in  Arroyo Grande, CA . with our son and his girlfriend.  We had a great time eating funnel cakes, sipping lemonade and listening to local music.  Many crafters had their wares.  It was the first warm weekend we had had in a long time...almost too warm.  

Sites of the Festival....

Makes my mouth water!

What a fun parasol!


Reflections of Strawberry Festival

THE best part!!!

 On Monday, we had a great BBQ with family and friends...great food & great company
Life Is Good