Monday, June 11, 2007

midway through the year already

wow, where has 2007 gone already? We went to Rome, Italy and met Angela and Les for a week, then hopped the train to Sicily to stay with them for 2 weeks. What a great experience. don't understand ancient here in America. To walk where people did in Biblical times, the roads walked by Roman Emperors, the Apostle Paul, gladiators, chariot races and so much to take in. First the Grecian influence of the theater and then the Roman arenas.
The activity of Rome, the traffic, the Vespas, scooters, motorcycles, smart cars are everywhere, seemingly going the same place at the same time, yet, respectful of each other. Not like the states at all. Lanes are a suggestion and as we learned in Sicicly with Ang & Les at the helm, so are the traffic rules, stops, passing, etc. Pretty incredible.
The sites to see, ancient ruins at every turn.
There were so many great things about this trip. Now it is the end of July, already. And my plans are to return in the fall with my mom and sisters. I will fly to Sicilia, spend a week with Angela and Les, then Angela & I will join them in Rome, then Florence. Angela will at that point fly home and the rest of us will continue on to Switzerland to visit with my mom's remaining family in Gersau. At that point we will be joining up with another sister and brother in law and a nephew. Ciao