Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Moon Time In SLO

I have found myself challenged in "Shooting the Moon".  Being reminded once again that the more I learn, the less I really know.  Shooting at dusk and the moon have presented challenges, but have sent me back to the basics and to learn and relearn my camera how to use it.

So here is my 2nd night attempts...still processing the results and learning from the mistakes.

These are while I was waiting for the moon, I was a bit early.

And I am still learning some processing, so please excuse some of the obvious.

Between still learning how much my camera can do, and the wind and a very feeble tripod and the mosquitoes, it was an adventure for me.

After trying and trying to get the right combination, I set it back on auto focus because my eyes were being difficult and there you go....

That's it.....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family Time!

Last weekend I decided, finally, to go south for a visit with my family in So Cal.  As always, I hesitate, hem and haw, about the drive but I  am always rewarded with good memories and allot of love.

iPhone time

 My mom was curious about what we were doing.  Sharing some apps and then playing solitaire.  I showed her the basics and off she went. 

Below are my beautiful sisters....

I love her spirit!

You thought that was funny?  

Nothing like a mother's arms

Almost the first step!

I also planned to head to the beach at sometime.  The weather was warm, ok, hot, and the water and the beach were calling to this gal who loves, and I mean LOVES the beach!

3 generations

Enjoying the time...

Security & innocence

Remains of the Day

Doesn't get any better!
There's is my memory sharing.....all good.

except:  for the air mattress that mistook me for a human taco!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Full Moon over Edna Valley

One of the Photography groups  that I follow on FaceBook put out an assignment to "Shoot the Moon" last night.  Full moon & gorgeous.  And no fog!  Here are some shots.

The fog was slowly coming in when I was trying the morning shoot.  So the clarity is not great.  But caught a few before it disappeared into the fog.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Absolutely fabulous Birthday!

Today was just a fabulous day all around.  Slept in a bit, then remembered that I had wanted to ride to Solvang to check out the Vintage Motorcycle Museum and the Mission Santa Ines right around the corner.  The last thing I wanted to do was sit home.  I wanted to get out and revel in the day and do some different things.  So, off we went a little after 8am south.  First on the agenda was breakfast in Nipomo at The Mayor's Place for breakfast.  Just a unique local cafe.

  After filling our bellies, we headed south to hwy 166 and then Tepusquet Rd. to Foxen Canyon to Solvang.  A great ride through the back hills.  We came across a huge herd of deer, we have never seen this many in one place, Terry counted 26. 

Then a snake stretched across  the lane, soon to be a sail snake.  Then a Bison and a baby, along with a big ole Texas Longhorn.

We made it to the Solvang Motorcycle Museum which was amazing.  The vintage motorcycles are incredible. 

 Then over to the Mission Santa Ines for the Fiesta...great food!! But the authentic music and dance weren't to start until on to get...


Big ole pancake balls dripping with raspberry sauce and powdered sugar!

Ok now I am ready to head home.

A walk around town, a stop at the Utopia Bakery to buy a cake, 

and I am done for the day.  I had a fantastic birthday, thanks to my incredible hubby for indulging me, (and the present was over the top ;) ) and all the family and friends that checked in overwhelmed me.

I am humbled and blessed.  Here is to another year!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Beautiful Quilts

I have a very talented mom in law and she asked if I would take some pictures of her quilts.  I was glad to oblige, but learned that to take a good photograph and not just a snapshot of these beautiful works of art is going to take more thought than I realized.  But here are some shots to share.

 A wedding quilt for my niece and her husband.  It took over 14 months to complete.

the back of the quilt above

The detail in the stitching is unbelievable.  All by hand.

This one she made for a dear friend of hers, the colors are intense and vibrant.

the back of the quilt above

 A quilted applique wall hanging she entered in our local fair, CA Mid State Fair and....

WOW!!! Not bad for entering the first time!

The detail of the backside.  It is on white with black stitching, but with the sun coming from the back, I was able to bring out the colors.

So there you have some great quilts!

another day in the neighborhood...

As I walked with a friend, just around the block, actually less than that, I was reminded of what a great place I live.  Here are a few things I saw in home block.

 These baby goats are only 4 weeks old and adorable...

"Billy" goat

 Edna Valley wine grapes getting ready...

There are those berries I posted about, enough for two of us to share with our families for desert tonight.

Glad you were able to walk with me....