Sunday, November 19, 2006

Here come the holidays...

Well, it is the weekend before Thanksgiving, first it was to be down south to join in with the San Diego fam and to pick up my new motorcycle, plans change in a heartbeat we will stay home, join in with the SLO fam and pick up my bike later.....can't wait. The holidays will be different this year, with Ang & Les overseas in Sicily, they too will be learning to be spontaneous with what is offered. Again, what a great opportunity it is to live in a different country. Already, they are picking up the local culture and the language is being shared with me. Hopefully, our plans to visit in the Spring will come about. Life is so full of so many wonderous things to see and do. Hopefully the Christmas lights will go up next weekend, my sweety will comply as usual, much to the offers of better things to be doing. As I am sure it is in most households, but he is a trooper and humors me in most things. Shopping needs to get done as the mailing will happen earlier this year. So onward with the Holidays, and I will be wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and all that is un politically correct. That is it for now! Have a Thankful Thanksgiving and let those around you know what you are indeed thankful for....Like I am for you!