Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 19, 2009

Only 5! :O days until Christmas,  Oh no I had better get things wrapped up, literally!

But in the meantime, have been actually enjoying the busy season and doing fun things.  Snapping a few pictures here and there, but not really having the time to do anything with them, but I suppose that will come.

Here is just a couple.

Me & Tigger, My favorite!

Pooh & Terry

 The shadow of a window ornament caught my eye, JOY is the word of the season for me.

Driving to work with the top down in December!!

So that's it for now, my life, as it is....lovin it...Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12, 2009

Less than 2 weeks to Christmas, Oh My!!!

My day so far is spent getting ready for our Christmas Company BBQ.  So many little things to remember.  There will be families coming so I spent some time at Walmart hunting for little things to make some gift packs for the kids.  Was fun!  And probably bought too much, but can you really do that?
Hopefully, well, ready or not, it will come together and it will look fabulous and we will have great food, brought and shared by everyone coming and a good time, in spite of rainy weather.  Thanks to a good neighbor I am well equipped with tables, chairs and a tabletop heater.  The EZ Up will be assembled for the BBQ to stay dry.
Christmas DVD's are available to occupy the kids and adults.

The house is decorated, even made some homemade carmels, my photog efforts are assigned to the wings for now, between working and getting ready for the holidays.

I hope for anyone taking time to read my ramblings will take a moment to breathe, find peace in the moment and feel blessed.

My thoughts and prayers are with anyone who is hurting from circumstances, losses and our troops and their families, especially those who are separated due to duty to their country.  Being a military brat and raised with a father who dedicated his life to his country, I appreciate all the more the sacrifice of the whole family and the ones left in control in their absence.

If I don't get back here soon, Please have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24, 2009

Tuesday already on this short work week. Man o man.
And coming up on the end of November....
And closing in on 2010!! Didn't it just turn year 2000???

So on this week of Thanksgiving I will continue with my thankful list....

1. I wake up every day!!!
2. I have a great family, scattered, but great!
3. The best daughter around
4. The best husband, too
5. And son, and son #2
6. My eyes to see to ongoing change of colors of fall
7. Music, all kinds
8. Being able to still learn new things

What are you thankful for????

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17th, 2009 I am Thankful for continues...

And 6 days later, I knew I couldn't do the daily blog....
I left off at #13

I am thankful for the small things, sometimes unnoticed...

14.  colored leaves scattered on the ground

15.  looking for meteorites before dawn and seeing 2 fling across the sky

16.  a warm home on a frosty morning

17.  a black and white cat

18.  friends that connect with me in many ways

19.  a corned beef cooking in the crockpot for dinner

20.  a husband who loves me and provides for me

21.  a business that is still up and running

22.  meeting new people and learning their stories

23.  a dependable car

24.  learning new techniques on the computer for photography

25.  time to play

26.  for next time

Monday, November 09, 2009

Playing with my Sunflowers/Girasoli

I am an ongoing student.  Learning my camera and enjoying the beauty I find in simple things around me.  The day was beginning to dawn and the vase of sunflowers sitting on the dining table where I was sitting were so beautiful with the vibrant colors, I thought I would try to catch the details.  So I tried hand held, nope, then tripod with the flowers on the kitchen counter and the down light from the cabinets, better, but then the morning sun began to stream in and I moved everything to my back room, aka:  my studio and took out my other lenses, tried them, no, still not what I wanted, connected my remote shutter release, better, good light and played with the backgrounds.  All in all had a fun time and these are a few of the results without really tweaking them in PS.


November 9th, 2009

Here it is Monday already and I did not blog any blessings from the weekend.  It flew by like this month is doing.
I left off at #6

7.  Time to play on a weekend with photography, friends, hubby and my motorcycle
8.  Talking with my daughter, who always makes me smile and laugh
9.  Fall days, cool crisp nights and warm sunny days
10.  The change of colors locally
11.  My very own Maple tree that is turning colors for the first time in my yard.
12.  Clouds
13.  Colors

Friday, November 06, 2009

My list of being Thankful....November 6, 2009

The Beginning of my Thankful List.....

Well,although I am not able to keep up with the other bloggers of daily entries, I will make an attempt to be mindful of the blessings in my life every day.

I am thankful this day for many things.
1. Being able to stay connected with loved ones overseas

2. Being able to work and continue to put food on the table

3. Fall colors, my trees just planted this summer are starting to turn red!!! :D

4. A husband who brings me lattes.

5. Fresh air coming in an open door

6. Music that makes me dance

Well, that is 6 for now. I will try to continue, as my daughter has inspired me.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Catch up time....

I cannot believe how fast time is passing by.  Already November!!  I was going to join in on National Blogging Month but, I can't seem to get around to this even monthly!

Just found a few moments to upload the latest photo assignment for the  Siganella Photography Club that I participate in thanks to technology since it is in Sicily!!

Not a great shot by any means, just like the light, the color and the shadow.

The composition I like.

IMadonarri in SLO
Shapes, Shadows, Shades

A weekend in class......

I have to share my weekend, no pictures.  I took part 1 of a Photoshop Workshop locally and can't wait to take Part 2.  And a 3 day workshop in Lightroom this month.  Now to keep using it or like my Italiano it will disappear.

If you are interested, they offer many classes.  Now to make the time to spend playing at home on the computer.
That's it......soon again hopefully I will be back.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Madonnari San Luis Obispo

I always enjoy watching the artist explode their work on the street and sidewalks...fantastic talent.  And it will all be gone by tomorrow morning...
Hope you enjoy the show too

Thursday, August 13, 2009

To another year with the Love of my life

For our 37th!!!!!! anniversary, we decided this year instead of going out to dinner and dressing up, to pack a picnic and go to the beach. 
After work, we headed home, changed clothes, threw blankets, cooler, camera and thermos into the Miata and headed to DePalo's Deli in Shell Beach.

Yum & Yum

Picked up a couple of crab cakes, garlic spiced shrimp, chicken breast parmesan, one meat ball, a baguette, a pluot and an apple.  Must go back and get some of Dr. Tedone's fresh mozarella cheese.

Then we headed to Avila Beach, as Pismo and Shell Beach were already fogged in.  Avila was still sunny.  Picked the beach north of the pier.  Perfect!

The pelicans were out in force and you could see pods? of seals out in the water.

We ate and just enjoyed being at the beach with no agenda.  Slowly the fog took over and it got a bit chilly, packed up, cruised around a bit then home.

A perfect way to spend our special day......

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2009 Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk

This past Saturday, the 18th, my sis & I took part in a really cool thing. Scott Kelby held a 2nd Annnual Worldwide Photowalk in which over 30,000 people participated and I believe held in over 900 cities world wide.
We chose 1 of the 4 San Diego locations. Liberty Station, NTC.
A short history on the base. Did not find much, but know there is so much to this historic area. Mom recalls going to the exchange and the commissary there while dad was stationed in SD at MCRD next door.
With our family's history in the military, we jumped at the chance to learn more.
We met great people along the way. So here are some of the shots of the 2 hour walk. You had to really look for shots, but it was well worth it.

I was trying out my aperature settings, then converted to b&w
This anchor chain is from the ship below.

USS Recruit, the only commissioned ship that was never in the water.

Magnolia Leaves

We were across from the SD Airport and I kept trying to get a "great picture" of a plane taking off, but this is about it....

Holy Cow!
Trying out different angles and playing around

Looking at some of the new through the old

Pavers by supporters of the base renovation

Base Commander's Office

Reviewing the days shots, while being shot

Where I sat while waiting for the illusive plane take off, supposed to be every 90 seconds? Don't think so

The final hour and our shadows on the wall
What a great day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Black & White

This picture made it into a Black & White exhibit at the Morro Bay Art Association
It will be on display through July 4th

My first tries with digital black & whites
This is a roof top in the town of Modica, Sicilia

Hume Lake in Kings Canyon

"Dare to Knock"
A door knocker on a church in Enna, Sicilia

Girasole Sunrise
Taken across from our home
These sprouted from seeds dropped by the birds