Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chasing Whales....and I only caught a glimpse

It's been awhile since I have sat down to blog.  But with the recent activity that we had off our central coast of CA, I thought I would go check out Avila Beach this morning, before the crowds arrived.

Ready to go Fishing!

You Are On MY Side of the Dock!
I am sure many of you have seen the photos in newspapers nationwide.  (And, no, these were not photoshopped!) There was quite the frenzy of whale activity in the harbor town of Avila.  Just over the hills from me.  All this was going on during the week and when I heard that it took 30 minutes to drive the 5 miles, I thought I would try to catch something this morning, early.

Pelicans Skimming the Waters at Avila Beach, CA
I left home by 6:30am, thought I was doing well, with a cup of coffee in hand and a charged battery and my 70-200mm lens at the ready.  But what I will share, will actually be...quite a bore.

I caught the ridge on the back of a whale as it slipped into the water while I was looking north, he was surfacing behind me.  I heard the blow hole and whipped around to catch this...

WOW!! Did you see that???  No....not really.  :\

My 2 Playful (NOT) Dolphins

Practicing on Pelicans
Then there were some dolphins...way out there, not jumping and displaying their antics as they did earlier this week...dorsal fins.

But it was a great start to the day to be at the water's edge, meeting and talking to many others that came out early hoping to see what we had missed earlier this week.  

Path to the Open Sea

So I tip my hat to those that actually experienced these great creatures and caught those once in a lifetime shots.  I will continue to catch whatever captures my eye.

That's All Folks