Friday, July 27, 2012

Laguna Seca Sights & Sounds-Thursday July 26, 2012

Thursday, a let it down day.  Time to get some rest and relax.  We rode for the first time, fresh air and salty air.  Went out for a late breakfast to Moss Landing and Phil's Fish Market.  They opened at 10 and we waited a few minutes to have the best snapper tacos!!  Must try if you make it there.  Phil is a pleasure to meet.

Other than than that, and cruise around Monterey and nap time...a nice easy day.

Oh, yes...late dinner with awesome friends that made me laugh so much I had a sore throat by the end of the night.  Dinner was a late reservation, but awesome!!  Another must is Monterey's  Fish House.  They had the biggest oysters I have ever seen, everything on the menu is excellent.  

Late night with great friends...doesn't get any better...

Laguna Seca Sights & Sounds-Wednesday July 25, 2012

Our annual trek to our favorite racetrack, Laguna Seca, has arrived.  We look forward to this each year.  A chance to get away from the rigors of work and be around timeless friends at a fantastic event.  Moto GP is quite impressive in a number of ways.  The international flair is great fun.  You can walk around the track and hear many different languages.  We have followed the sport for many, many years.  We have literally grown up with the motorcycle industry.

The PA is "testing" and that means practice will start soon.  This is now Friday and I will recap the last couple of days.

What's in the Box?

"No Entry"....right?

We bring our trailer up a week before the event, enjoy the quiet activity of watching the event setup.  The company of good friends and then usually head back to work for a few days, or less if we can.

We were able to make it back up on Wednesday!  Woo Hoo!  so what follows are a few photos from walking about an already, surprisingly setup infield and pit area.  No time being wasted this year.

Peeking Inside the Pit Suites

Major Cooling Power

One of the People behind the scenes that make it all happen

We watched this rig pull in and back up, pull in and back up.....over and over

Bench Racing

Yours Truly on the other side of the lens

Home away from Home
Great Day....more to come