Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas, around the corner

Frosty Morning
  It is December 21st and days away from Christmas.  Crazy busy and crazy season.  Trying to remember the reason for this season.  Trying to find the peace and contentment.  Between working full time, as most are, and prepping for Christmas, the shopping and so forth, I feel like I finally found a piece of "ahhhhh".

The Tree is Trimmed
Friday nights are our "date night".  With Friday being clean the house in the morning, then rush to work, to finish out the week of undone work.
I had the thought of going to Madonna Inn for dinner, since we have unused gift certificates.  But I called to make reservations, and not surprised, they did not have an opening until 8.  A bit late for us.  So I cleaned the house, went to work and closed up and went home.  We still decided to go for a cocktail at the bar, as they also serve from the steak house and the cafe.  We happened on 2 empty chairs, perfect for spectator watching.  Enjoyed some margaritas and local sausage and steak salad.

Then, what I was waiting for, the band started up.  They have a great dance floor, where you will always see older couples floating around the floor, from an era gone by.  We paid our tab, and thanks to a few dance classes we had years ago, twirled around the floor to a couple of numbers.

The Inn is magical at Christmas.  A perfect time to go, if you have never gone, it is an icon of our city.

It was the perfect end to a week, a perfect beginning of "ahhh" Christmas.  
December Friday Ahhh...

Thank you, my love, for a perfect evening.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving | Day 30

Last Entry...was out for the evening
November was a good month, a very full month
A month of Thankfulness

 Thankful that some days were so full that I missed my entries
Thankful that I was blessed with another month
Thankful for my family
Thankful for my friends
Thankful for the beauty that surrounds us every day
Thankful for another breath, another day

See you throughout December
Please keep in touch, somehow, with me
I would love to hear from you

Ciao! novembre!