Wednesday, April 28, 2010

more of Buskers....

Timely posting....or not!

Well, good intentions..... here are some more pictures from Buskers at Seaport Village from now a few weeks ago....

The weather was great, not at all what was forecast....

Many different entertainers.  The first guy we ran into danced, performed to music and put a big smile on everyone's face.  His big thing was to literally put himself into a balloon!

Kinda creepy...

There were different stages for the performers and they rotated throughout the day.  It brought out many people, young & old.

 I really enjoyed listening to and watching this performer. 

 There were vendors and a fortune teller too....

Jimmy Talks A Lot, And he talked a lot!

These next 4 frames show the series of a small balloon on a stick being snapped off by another guy with a whip.  I never did catch the whip....

 Missed the performance....

Kite eating tree!
 By the bay, there were kites being flown...I started looking up in the trees and there were kites everywhere stuck in the trees!

Bay Sculpture

The tail-end of a kite

 There were these gorgeous birds that the handler would let perch on you

Looks like....!?!

 And that's it.....Was great fun, great company, great location.....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buskers at Seaport Village, San Diego "Shoes"

I had the pleasure of a weekend escape to San Diego County to visit with my mom and sisters.  It was a welcome getaway to disconnect and unwind for a bit.  Life was beginning to be a bit much, I won't go into details, because we all get there at times.  I was fortunate enough to be able to get away and have a bit of fun with my fam.

I had learned of Buskers at Seaport Village  through a photo group Faded &Blurred I met on FaceBook!  I was already planning a trip south and this added a great twist to the weekend.  My sister & I canvassed the area and had fun shooting for several hours and meanwhile floating in and out with another sister and her husband, my mom and a dear friend.  And I met the group to do a short intro, so great to share a common interest, no strangers in that.

For now, I am going to post just some shoes.  The performers were great and entertaining and when I edit a few more pictures, I will put some more up, but for now, I just have shoes.  Fun, key work, Fun......


Fun, just for fun......

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter in SLO, God's Country!

One more post for today, then off to prepare for Easter dinner with friends and family.  What a great day, starting with Sunrise Service on the hills close to Lopez Lake.  It has been a while for my attending services and I decided this would be a good time, after all it is Easter and I have close  friends to go with.  So off to a hilltop we went.  A bit overcast, still dawning, breezy and foggy here and there.  OK, so it was more than a bit chilly, ... and a bit breezy, but a warming for the soul.  A few more pictures and a close for this day.

Geese, I believe

The Dawning of a New Day

And a few of my favorite Easter decorations, thanks Claud!  Love you, miss you!

Spring....time to refresh some more!

I have been wanting to catch up on my wildflower pics.  I was fortunate, yes, indeed fortunate, to be able to take off and wander to the hills and play....  the flowers and the color this year are incredible due the extra rain we have had.  I would love to try some shots with a dedicated macro lens, but...$1000 for a dedicated lens is a bit hard to swallow at this time.  So I will keep learning tips and tricks and use what I have, which is still way beyond my present skills.....
But I am having fun...that's the focus!

Still of the Morning on HWY 58

The morning was colder than expected with the thermometer showing 32!  So I figured by the time I got out to Carrizo Plain, it would warm up a tad.  So I stopped and shot whenever I saw nice.....

Morning Dew for breakfast
 My attempt to capture close up using live view and tripod and cable release.

Lupine Wash
This was the only place I saw bush after bush of Lupines with some splashes of yellow and orange.
You Lookin at me?
 Before I turned onto Soda Lake Rd., there was a small herd off the side of the road.  When I opened the car door to get closer, they took off.  A pleasant surprise of the wildlife in the area.

Not a bad place to pasture, not bad at all.

 Another try at zoom blur with the flowers below.

Apparently I didn't know exactly where to go and I ended up turning back to Hwy 58 where I did see more flowers and to go check out Shell Creek Rd again.  Turns out I was probably only 5 miles from Soda Lake, which is where I was supposed to be, but no cell service to find out.  Oh, well, wonderful wandering....

Better than Rose Colored Glasses!

Shell Creek Rd.

I love seeing the unexpected!

I know that was allot of pictures, but hard to pick out of so many.  With so many people out taking great pictures of the wildflowers, I am thrilled to be one of the many out there (taking pictures, that is ;)  )