Thursday, October 09, 2008

Quick blog

Our latest project. After replacing our septic system in the backyard, we had the whole backyard scraped and now we are totally dirt. We are in the process of putting in pavers for a sidewalk across the back of the house. And then from the patio to the shop.
We were working on it a couple of days ago when it was in the 90's!!

Terry doing the prep in tamping in the sand for me to lay down the pavers. Actually, I really like it, but they get really heavy after 2 tractor bucket loads!
Here are a few pictures from our last trip to Laguna Seca and the last AMA National race. We always take a couple of days to ride around. And we had a couple of tips for new places to explore.
This one is Phil's Fish Market. It is at the marina in Moss Landing. If you know where "The Wole Enchilada" is located, turn just north of the restaurant and head back to the water. Just a great find and great Fish and Chips. We plan to return.

And of course, a quick stop at Starbucks for a soy latte, it was a warm day and we were headed out to the West Pinnacles. (sp)
We had the pleasure of meeting with Chris Ulrich and Brian from Road Racing World. Chris was racing, and funny thing is, he failed to mention his last name until we hunted him down in the pits. Nice guys, and we love meeting new friends.
Gotta run, as usual, have to get to work, but want to wash my car, it is filthy!!
Hope yours days are well.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Day 2 into Terry's 4 corner trip for me

Well, this is Terry as he headed out to meet up with a friend to hit the 4 corners of the USA!  You can follow his trip at:
With the Hurricane Gustav, they already altered the first leg of the journey from San Ysidro, Ca to Key West, FL.  And to contend with Hurrican Hanna.  Stay tuned!

So, this a result of some extra time on my end.  So different with your companion gone.  Truly a piece of me is missing, but there are plenty of projects to keep me busy.  And because I am updating their blog, maybe I will spend more time with mine!?

I went to the nursery and told them I wanted to repot some pots with fall colors and we came up with these.  

And these, I found these pots in the 1/2 off rack out back.  I really like them!
Everything looks good, but standing back, there doesn't seem to be as much for the time and the money spent.  But it does look much better than what was out there.  And I cleaned up the flower beds and have a few ideas for them as well.

Off to a new week, goodbye to a great 3 day weekend.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

and for my birthday...

This was the morning I woke up to....
The sky was glowing, the clouds were peach, orange, and changing by the minute.  The nearby clouds were throwing off lightning strikes, all of which I found fascinating....until I realized just how close the strikes were getting, the most awesome thunderstorm in a while.

And the present that sat out all day just so I could stare at it!  I will take a pic of what it was.... a beautiful Dainese white leather riding jacket that I lusted over at the Moto GP races.  What a great guy!
And once again, a great day!

Celebrating a true gift

This had to have been the world's most expensive Margarita and we did not even catch the price when we ordered.  Just fell off our chairs when we got the bill.  Embarrassed, appalled and nothing to do but pay and laugh at our ....I don't what you would call it.
The inside of the dining room looking towards the ocean.  The interior of this hotel was absolutely breathtaking, with what looked like many museum pieces.
Not too bad for 36 Years!
Our desert tray compliments of the staff.  The chocolate was soooo good!
This was our sunset and time to head home, what a great idea my favorite man had for us.
So, this was a good day, good memories and hopefully more to come.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

no pictures.......

No, pictures....haven't even downloaded any in a couple of weeks,  I guess, this is what would be the equivalent of writers block.
Getting the trailer ready for the Moto Gp at Laguna Seca, the closest international motorcycle event we have locally.  Really looking forward to the riding, company and the international flair that comes with the event.  Should, hopefully have some good pictures when we return.  It has been a good few weeks here in God's country on the central coast, despite the fires to the north and the south.  Allot of ash on the cars daily.  But we are spared the tragedy others are facing.  We are fortunate to live where we do, coastal fog in the mornings, warm 70 to 80 in afternoon.  Why would we want to live any where else.
Hope all is well with any one who chooses to read my babbling..........

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

one more try

View from our room on the 16th floor, the day was already warm!  But what an incredibly clear day in the City by the Bay.  Absolutely beautiful.

Another clear shot, it was so perfect.  The Golden Gate Bridge in the back.

And that is all I am going to try for tonight, not going to press my luck.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

calling out for mi figlia!

OK, Angelina, I really need some help, seems my magnetic field or computer gremlins are at it.  And I would like to get the huey loaded and lightroom.  geez louise, it just isn't happening.   OK, just tried another picture, ain't happening, now I am done....later

one more try, very condensed

Let me see if I can get one picture on here.....can you guess where this is????


ok, I have now done this post, rather another one, for the third time, and while spell checking, poof, it went away, arghhhhhhh.....enough for tonight.....not meant to be

Friday, June 13, 2008

my Friday morning....

so, here is another typical Friday morning for me.  Up as usual by 5:30am, but it is cleaning day.  Coffee, Bible study or a reading from a favorite book given to me in a special way.  But that is another story.
But, the creative juices start flowing and they aren't in the direction of vacuuming and dusting.  So, I made some caffe in the Bialetti that my daughter gave me, found my husbands Ducati cup and saucer up in the cupboard and made a vanilla caffe latte.  Ok, this morning is definetly looking good.  But, I think, this would make a great picture memory, and out comes the camera.  Then the flowers catch my eye, and agreeing with myself, that they would be a great addition.  So, here it is, and in between laundry, fixing some breakfast for my hubby and myself and sitting down at the table!! conversing, (how much better can it be?), making the bed and blogging.  
Now that I babbled is my morning memory.  So much more fun than cleaning house!
Make memories this weekend.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Already mid June!

I cannot believe how quick the days pass.  Already mid June with the longest day of the year only a week away.  How I wish it could stay like this.  Enjoying evening walks, opening the house up to catch the fresh air, the cool fog flowing through the canyon from the beach to our valley.
Last weekend I went to San Diego and did a Watercolor Journal workshop with my sister at the Center for Creative Renewal in Encinitas, CA.

 We both were amazed at the talent it really does take.  We giggled, compared, shared and learned something new.

Here is my attempt that I am willing to expose out there.
The instructor's books are incredible as were many of the students finished pages.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

and more...

My daughter continues to inspire me.  She and her husband joined a photography club at their housing unit and are learning tips and tricks and continuing to take great pictures.
So, with her tips, I am trying to be more patient, and not just point and shoot and get off the green square.
So the last couple of days, I have tried with the help of my tripod (to steady the shakes I did not even know I had) and keep it on raw and use different shutter speeds and f stops, both of which I am not on top of, never seem to quite get it, though I am determined that this is the year "I will get it" finally!
So here is an attempt, one picture I chose, because, I should be working out and getting ready to go to work, a usual story for me in the mornings.....yada, yada, goes

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

more spring flowers.......

These were taken on Bitterwater Valley Rd. off of hwy 46, east of Paso Robles.

This is a poppy, well, I am sure you know that, but I used a new technique that a local photographer told me how to do in photoshop. I was amazed and love it.

In fact it is so much fun
that I included one of our daughter from her wedding.

I could enjoy doing this so much more than my bookwork, but alas, one fuels the other.....
A continued learning process.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring has sprung on the Central Coast

Here are a few of the pictures I took Easter weekend. I was fortunate to have my mom AND my sister up here with us. They took the train on Friday and stayed through Monday.
We had such a whirlwind, fun weekend.
This first picture was taken off a dirt road on Shell Creek Road, Shandon off hwy 58. Beautiful, but not as many as a few years ago

This is my sis, Cyn. She is a photographer also and shows her work at a studio in Spanish Village in San Diego, Ca.

The end of Easter Sunday and a gorgeous sunset at Pismo Beach. But is there ever a bad sunset at the ocean? I think not.