Monday, September 03, 2007

Now we are into September and yesterday was 104!! Much cooler today, thank you! Thought I was going to melt. A long 3 day weekend, hung around home, did odds and ends. A good friend treated me to a barefoot walk at the beach, before it got smokin hot, breakfast at a little bakery/coffee spot, yummm, all things made right there daily and then a foot soak and massage for the tootsies and neck. Wonderful way to start the day. Oh, yes, and there were dolphins jumping in the wave breaks at Pismo Beach. I have seen them in Avila and San Simeon, but not Pismo. What a treat!

So now is it back into work, thankfully cooled off. Only 4 weeks until we will all be in Italia! Hopefully, the Italian Conversational classes I took will help. Ang & Les have been over in Sicilia now for almost a year, unbelievable. This is going to be some trip.

I am also glad to report that I have been able to put up 13 framed pieces in a little gallery across from the Mission in downtown SLO. Thanks to the owner of Photography 101. There will be an Art after Dark this coming Friday, I have to admit I really enjoy the opportunity to work (play) with the pictures I take. Here are some of the pictures. Nice chatting to you!

On into fall

We had an incredible lightning storm as August left for the year. I must've taken 75 pics and this is the only bolt I caught. I was tucked in bed loving the sound and light, I guess I should've crawled out of bed a bit earlier.