Thursday, August 13, 2009

To another year with the Love of my life

For our 37th!!!!!! anniversary, we decided this year instead of going out to dinner and dressing up, to pack a picnic and go to the beach. 
After work, we headed home, changed clothes, threw blankets, cooler, camera and thermos into the Miata and headed to DePalo's Deli in Shell Beach.

Yum & Yum

Picked up a couple of crab cakes, garlic spiced shrimp, chicken breast parmesan, one meat ball, a baguette, a pluot and an apple.  Must go back and get some of Dr. Tedone's fresh mozarella cheese.

Then we headed to Avila Beach, as Pismo and Shell Beach were already fogged in.  Avila was still sunny.  Picked the beach north of the pier.  Perfect!

The pelicans were out in force and you could see pods? of seals out in the water.

We ate and just enjoyed being at the beach with no agenda.  Slowly the fog took over and it got a bit chilly, packed up, cruised around a bit then home.

A perfect way to spend our special day......