Wednesday, May 07, 2008

and more...

My daughter continues to inspire me.  She and her husband joined a photography club at their housing unit and are learning tips and tricks and continuing to take great pictures.
So, with her tips, I am trying to be more patient, and not just point and shoot and get off the green square.
So the last couple of days, I have tried with the help of my tripod (to steady the shakes I did not even know I had) and keep it on raw and use different shutter speeds and f stops, both of which I am not on top of, never seem to quite get it, though I am determined that this is the year "I will get it" finally!
So here is an attempt, one picture I chose, because, I should be working out and getting ready to go to work, a usual story for me in the mornings.....yada, yada, goes