Friday, October 26, 2018

In Everything There Is A Season

So here we are at the end of October 2018

We, my husband and I, are taking advantage of our time by connecting and reconnecting with family.
We started in 2016 by heading east to take in family from Florida to North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia and South Carolina.  Found a 2nd cousin on my husbands side in New Mexico as we made our way cross country.
Traveling with our RV, a travel trailer (apartment on wheels) has been a great choice for us.  We get to take all that we not only need, but want.
All of my photography equipment, computer, etc. and a guitar or two.

This last month, our destination was to reconnect with a cousin of Terry's that he had not seen in many, many years and meet his wife and daughter for the first time.

But in between, we celebrated an anniversary with close friends in Nevada, and then traveled to Idaho and discovered a mysterious land we had not heard of.

Craters of the Moon

Next stop...Yellowstone WY

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

It Has Been Way Too Long

A Garden Full of Smiles

How has so much time gone by?

Since I have "officially" retired, I suppose I am finding my stride.  I always heard how you are busier now than before and I just could not understand it.
Here it is over 4 years since we sold the business, Terry had his accident that took 4 years to heal and I continued to work the first year, on and off the 2nd and totally out by the end of 2017.  And here it August of 2018.
I continue to take many, many images of life all around me.  I find it pure joy.  Although I do miss being in the Gallery in Morro Bay with other artists.  One day...I hope to get myself "back out there".
It has been so long since I blogged, that I am not really sure what to do with this.  So, for now, I will continue to post and share what I am seeing out there in the hopes that it somehow reaches out and into you.
I welcome any feedback and thoughts.
Keeping it positive.