About Me

Thru Catz Eyes Photographic Art

I was born in San Diego, Ca.  My family moved due to my father being a Marine, but we made full circle back to Southern Ca where I went to school and met my husband.  My husband & I married and moved to San Luis Obispo County where his grandparents lived and where his parents were raised before relocating to So Cal.  We have been here since 1974.  We started a business and raised our family.  So we now have the fourth generation of the O’Kelley’s and the Evans clan to continue living in the county.

I started taking pictures many years ago just to keep in the family albums, but always loved taking pictures of just about anything.  I got my first film SLR when our daughter was young and it opened another door.  Years went by and then came the Digital age.  And with that, it resurrected a love for capturing moments, not just pictures.

I love what we have here on the Central Coast and any place I can take my camera.  Traveling overseas, motor sports events and all the land between our great oceans. 

I enjoy sharing what I see through my lens or should I say….

 Thru Catz Eyes