Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stretching the Skills - ZOOM Blur

Still learning......Zoom Blur
Add Mayo, hold the onion...
Having been asked to be an admin on one of my favorite FB photog pages is an honor and a responsibiltiy.  And I had to think about this, as work alone has given me  plenty of responsibilities lately and did I want more.  Even the sort of what I am passionate about.
With thought, I said yes...

Now to come up with a lesson and a challenge. Something that I too will learn and grow from.

My first SLR camera was "semi" auto and I never learned shutter speeds.  Aperature, sure, easy...shutter speeds were like learning Latin.

The latest "challenge-lesson" was motion and exposure....

Again, I know I have been shooting motorsports for awhile, but, I limit myself too many times to what's easy, which still gets good photos, but in being lazy, I have not learned the basics and get frustrated too easily.

That leads me back to my part in the next "challenge-lesson" for the group know as  TP Digital 101
please look us up and if you like what you see, please join!
coming this weekend...

These two images were shot on a tripod so I could keep steady as I manually turned my lens to Zoom out.  5 seconds and approximately 20mm of range.  Getting the light correct is the biggest challenge for me with the longer shutter speed.  I watched some videos and read some articles.  I'd be interested in what you think or if you have tried this.

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