Sunday, August 17, 2008

Celebrating a true gift

This had to have been the world's most expensive Margarita and we did not even catch the price when we ordered.  Just fell off our chairs when we got the bill.  Embarrassed, appalled and nothing to do but pay and laugh at our ....I don't what you would call it.
The inside of the dining room looking towards the ocean.  The interior of this hotel was absolutely breathtaking, with what looked like many museum pieces.
Not too bad for 36 Years!
Our desert tray compliments of the staff.  The chocolate was soooo good!
This was our sunset and time to head home, what a great idea my favorite man had for us.
So, this was a good day, good memories and hopefully more to come.

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Linda said...

Hello...just surfing some of your blog, and I just want to say..
Wow! to 36 years together. You just do see that very6 often anymore.