Sunday, August 08, 2010

Beautiful Quilts

I have a very talented mom in law and she asked if I would take some pictures of her quilts.  I was glad to oblige, but learned that to take a good photograph and not just a snapshot of these beautiful works of art is going to take more thought than I realized.  But here are some shots to share.

 A wedding quilt for my niece and her husband.  It took over 14 months to complete.

the back of the quilt above

The detail in the stitching is unbelievable.  All by hand.

This one she made for a dear friend of hers, the colors are intense and vibrant.

the back of the quilt above

 A quilted applique wall hanging she entered in our local fair, CA Mid State Fair and....

WOW!!! Not bad for entering the first time!

The detail of the backside.  It is on white with black stitching, but with the sun coming from the back, I was able to bring out the colors.

So there you have some great quilts!

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Wendy said...

absolutely beautiful.