Sunday, June 06, 2010

Tomales Bay and Oysters!

Going back a bit further, to a long weekend taken in Sonoma to watch the AMA National Superbikes for a bit of racing, we took a ride over to the coast, which is always one of my favorite places to be.

I had read an article on the best places to try Oysters and there were 2 named in Tomales Bay, CA . One was The Marshall Store .  I have never had Oysters before, except when my dad would open a tin of smoked oysters.  So, since we were passing by anyway, I talked my husband into stopping and joining me for a new adventure.

 They took fresh oysters, shucked them, put them on the BBQ, added some sauce, covered them and warmed them through.  Yes, warmed them......

What could be better, motorcycle, the coast, and trying something new!

OK, here we go!

Lookin good!

One of the faces I made..

Actually, not too bad after the first initial shock of texture, gulp...

All done   

Outside seating overlooking the bay

And that was experience, happy tummy and ride on down the road....

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