Saturday, February 27, 2010

2nd half of our DPA workshop in SF

It has been 2 weeks now since our workshop with Digital Photo Academy In the great city of SF.  More shots of wandering around the Embarcadero area of SF from Pier 39 to Hyde St. and back.  We were at this point going to shoot inside Musee Mechanique, and once again, we were all in the same place and getting very different pics.  It has been fun and informative to compare and critique our results.

Angela & myself in the distorted mirror.

Motorcycles, of course!

 Uncle Fester?!

Funny Girl           

Crab on ice.

 We then ventured out to the sidewalks which were now teeming with tourists, go figure, in SF, on a Saturday!  and a 3 day weekend!!  So glad we met early.

I want you to look down the road, up the hill.  This is Hyde St. where the cable cars go up.  It is the middle of the day, clear, but hazy, not good for a great shot but still able to compare lenses, and I put a 100mm-400mm White Lens, oh baby, on my camera.....

Our instructor, Josh and student...

Hyde St.
And with THE lens .....  yes!!!

Time to walk back to Pier 39 for a bite to eat and review what we have done.  Josh pointed out one of the existing signs still over the Cannery Entrance.

A few more pictures after our class and walking around the rest of the day/evening.

Ang at day ending.....

Swan Oyster Depot

We, I, wanted to try Oysters for the first time and had read an article saying that the Swan Oyster Depot in SF was one of the best on the West Coast and also listed as one of the best in the world, according to the author.  So with the address plugged into the gps, and many rounding of the blocks in the atttempt at locating a parking space, we found them and .....they were CLOSED!!  They close at 5:30pm and it was after 6!  Oh well, cleanup time, and Indian food right around the corner made for the end of a great day.

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