Sunday, October 31, 2010

Morro Bay Photo Expo 2010

Last weekend I participated in a local event called Morro Bay Photo Expo.  It consisted of 2 1/2 days of workshops, shoots and listening to George Lepp who used to reside locally.

I learned allot, shot many photos and had the pleasure of other photographers.

Morro Bay Harbor
I took the HDR workshops.  It helped me to grasp how to capture the image and then to process.  The new Nik HDR software is great.

Morro Bay Harbor Moon Set at Dawn

The Snake Tree
Our shooting for the HDR workshop was in Los Osos at the Los Osos Oaks Reserve.  

I'm Bustin Outa Here!

We were able to shoot, all 100+ of us, at the beach at sunset.  Even if we did not get the colors because of the the clouds, I enjoyed the horses they had for us.

Parting the Dune Grasses

Dancing on the Edge

I love this image because it shows the mom's free spirit with her family.

There were so many of us shooting, that we were the spectacle!  What a great experience.  I highly recommend to any of you interested next year.
  Peace to all of you...

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Angela said...

Those are fantastic!! You need to teach me your tricks :) I think you are way ahead of me in HDR!! I guess I need to take a workshop!