Friday, July 27, 2012

Laguna Seca Sights & Sounds-Thursday July 26, 2012

Thursday, a let it down day.  Time to get some rest and relax.  We rode for the first time, fresh air and salty air.  Went out for a late breakfast to Moss Landing and Phil's Fish Market.  They opened at 10 and we waited a few minutes to have the best snapper tacos!!  Must try if you make it there.  Phil is a pleasure to meet.

Other than than that, and cruise around Monterey and nap time...a nice easy day.

Oh, yes...late dinner with awesome friends that made me laugh so much I had a sore throat by the end of the night.  Dinner was a late reservation, but awesome!!  Another must is Monterey's  Fish House.  They had the biggest oysters I have ever seen, everything on the menu is excellent.  

Late night with great friends...doesn't get any better...

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