Friday, June 13, 2008

my Friday morning....

so, here is another typical Friday morning for me.  Up as usual by 5:30am, but it is cleaning day.  Coffee, Bible study or a reading from a favorite book given to me in a special way.  But that is another story.
But, the creative juices start flowing and they aren't in the direction of vacuuming and dusting.  So, I made some caffe in the Bialetti that my daughter gave me, found my husbands Ducati cup and saucer up in the cupboard and made a vanilla caffe latte.  Ok, this morning is definetly looking good.  But, I think, this would make a great picture memory, and out comes the camera.  Then the flowers catch my eye, and agreeing with myself, that they would be a great addition.  So, here it is, and in between laundry, fixing some breakfast for my hubby and myself and sitting down at the table!! conversing, (how much better can it be?), making the bed and blogging.  
Now that I babbled is my morning memory.  So much more fun than cleaning house!
Make memories this weekend.

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