Monday, April 27, 2009

more of day 2, 3/14

From the farm, we left our friend, who had some business to tend to and we would meet up with later to head to Modica.....chocolate, here we come.
The citta (city) was founded either 1360bc or 1031bc, there are conflicting dates. And while well known for many things, we were after the famous Chocolate of Modica, from an ancient Aztec recipe.

This is reminiscent of Ponte Vecchio in Florence.  Lover's Locks.   There were many locks on the fence overlooking the city.
 The Church in Modica.
chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

 We also went to Rogusa Ibla, and now that it has been a month already, I can't keep the cities straight, so much for my memory.
The city suffered a major earthquake in 1693 and many structures were damaged.  The patron saint in St. George.  San Giorgio Vecchio has a re-entrant facade with notable Gothic-Catalan portal and high relief on the lunetta portraying St. George slaying the dragon. One of the few pieces left standing.
You can read more at this website and understand it better than I am relaying.

Les & Ang in the park

la tazza necessaria di caffè
I just loved these two perched up on top of a building.

Mi due
Uomini  Mafioso 
And that is it for another day, the way I am going, I just might have this done by the next time I return, which isn't even planned yet......


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