Monday, April 06, 2009

Day 2, out and about March 14 Sabado

Our 2nd day of adventure began with leaving early to meet a local friend of the kids. He was born in Sicilia, grew up in New Jersey, married a local Sicilian girl and migrated back to his home town of Scoglitti. More about that later.
He had us follow him to a local farm that produces cheese that they send world wide. Which is amazing, because the cheese making room is not bigger than one of our bedrooms. They have special cows, which for the life of me now escapes their origin, that produces their outstanding cheese.
For breakfast we were treated with fresh, warm, out of the barrel, Riccotta cheese with fresh baked bread, oh my goodness, nothing like it!

But of course, I did not get a picture of breakfast, but here are a few pictures of the cheese room.

The kids did buy some of this and we ate off it for the next week, soooo good!

This region had rock perimeters, sheds, houses, walls everywhere.  Unlike any other place I had seen.  The capstones were so uniform.

This is Terry, Tony and Les with the farmhouse in the background.

And my friend, he was so sweet, but only spoke Italian.
Only time for this entry, and so much more to tell you......domani
sogni di oro

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