Sunday, May 23, 2010

Loving Black & White

I lost me head in SF

I must confess that I feel the best when "playing" with my pictures.  I can lose myself for hours editing, playing and just reminiscing with the memories.  Trying new things and incorporating art with photography.  
Today I was fortunate to play, clean up a few things, try a few new things, join a new photog group through digital-photography-school.  There are so many directions to go and I have so many ideas, which is usually what ends up frustrating me for lack of time.  Alas, it is a Sunday and Monday is looming at the door.
But for now, it has been a sweet endeavor that I will visit when I can.
My black & white photos are these...
Hope you see something in them as I did....

It's always Garlic Time

Froom Ranch in San Luis Obispo after a storm

Yours Truly above the clouds in Sonoma Valley, w/ thanks to my hubby


Agrigento, Sicilia

Moon Door at Old Edna

Trapani, Sicilia

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Angela said...

very cool! I think the Stonehenge one is my favorite :)