Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family Time!

Last weekend I decided, finally, to go south for a visit with my family in So Cal.  As always, I hesitate, hem and haw, about the drive but I  am always rewarded with good memories and allot of love.

iPhone time

 My mom was curious about what we were doing.  Sharing some apps and then playing solitaire.  I showed her the basics and off she went. 

Below are my beautiful sisters....

I love her spirit!

You thought that was funny?  

Nothing like a mother's arms

Almost the first step!

I also planned to head to the beach at sometime.  The weather was warm, ok, hot, and the water and the beach were calling to this gal who loves, and I mean LOVES the beach!

3 generations

Enjoying the time...

Security & innocence

Remains of the Day

Doesn't get any better!
There's is my memory sharing.....all good.

except:  for the air mattress that mistook me for a human taco!

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