Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Day 9 of Thirty Days of Thanks

Fall In The Vineyard
Day 9, here we go...Today I am thankful for:

1)  Crockpots that cook dinner while I work
2)  Long conversations with my precious daughter
3)  change of seasons, yes, even here on the Central Coast of CA
4)  time to learn new processes and loving every minute (well, almost every minute)
5)  black & white cats

Would love to hear yours...


Angela said...

lovely photos :) And I really enjoyed talking to you today, too!! Can't wait until we are in the same time zone, then I can bug you all day, wa-ha-ha :D

Cat said...

thank you, thank you, as I bow to you, my mentor and teacher! Thanks for showing me the new goodies. Had to tear myself away from the computer, again !
Soon, very soon...love you!