Saturday, May 28, 2011

Girls Trip...Phase 1 to Orlando

Last year, when I found out that our mom's cousin and husband were coming to the states from their home in Switzerland for a visit with their son and his family, I asked mom if she would like to go out east for a visit.  With the realization, that this could very well be the last trip for them, and the last time to possibly see each other, we made plans.  I figured, with 3 sisters, at least one of us could accompany her on the journey.  She mentioned that she would also like to take the opportunity to visit with a dear friend who moved to South Carolina as well.

So as things often do, a trip was planned and no one wanted to be left out.  It turned into a mother/daughters trip, and a wonderful memory making time.

We started out in Orlando after connecting flights converged us in Houston.  Our cousins, 2nd, 3rd...??? were vacationing there and we decided to connect there for 3 days.  We rented a condo, each princess wanted their own bed and we ended up with a condo bigger than my home!  On the 15th floor, across from the relatives in another building, so much so that we could wave across to each other!!

We spent 2 nights sharing dinner around a table for 12.  We are so blessed with family! 

View from the patio
We all went to Epcot Center and merged together off & on throughout the day.  The weather cooperated nicely for us California Coastal Girls.

Even the manhole covers had Mickey on them...good eye, sis!

It was difficult to say goodbye...til we meet again...
Then it was off to Beaufort, SC...

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