Saturday, May 07, 2011

More for Mother's Day...

I have gone through an older photo album to get some family pictures and to only get a few is really difficult.  But the great thing is, we have so many great memories as a only have to go through the pictures to remember just how blessed we are, I am.

Those that know me, know I had infertility issues and it took years to deal with.  More than I will go into.  The results speak for themselves.  We were blessed with a daughter and then through adoption, blessed with a son. 

Lake Louise Tea Room at the Top

For all the moms out there, have a wonderful day.  There is also a prayer for peace for those that have lost their mothers, or lost their children, those trying to become mothers and all the other challenges that come with being a mother.  There is an unexplainable joy and it can also bring incomprehensible heartache as well, and I wouldn't change one thing.  Just wanted to share mine with you. 
God Bless...Cat

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