Monday, November 19, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving | Day 19

Thankful for a new day and a new week

Sunny, clear, chilly
Thankful for days that don't stay the same

the dust has been rinsed off and many things are sparkling clean and shiny

I have been going through my water/dew drop photos 
prompted by my brother in law, who seems to be as fascinated by them as I am, pleases me!

Here is a sample of what he chose...

Now the hardest part for me is how to market and display.  My mind races, and turns and twist at so many thoughts.  

Thankful for eyes to see these tiny worlds within a drop of water. (With the help of my macro lens and glasses ;)  )

Thankful for the palette of colors that surround us

And thankful for a job...that I need to get to...
Until tomorrow

Angela Andrieux Photography: Logos ETC

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