Sunday, November 04, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving | Day 4


Morro Rock at Sunset, time to sigh
Worked at the Gallery today.  Hard to believe it is November when the temperatures climbed into the 80's!!  A tad bit warm inside, but from the customers coming in, apparently it was just as warm outside. But as the day came to an early close with the time change, the sunset was a treat.  Never a bad day working there.  Sometimes to hard not to grab my camera and escape outside.  (My iPhone is a good substitute)

I meet such wonderful people and love getting to know my fellow artist better.  

My thanks for today:

The opportunity to "work" at a fantastic gallery with other artists.
The smell of the sea floating in the back door.
Meeting people who wander through the gallery absorbing the talent of over 70+ artists.
Dinner ready when I get home, thanks love ;)
A kitty sitting by me chatting greetings.

Sir William

Another day....full of thanksgiving, a good challenge indeed.

Angela Andrieux Photography: Logos ETC

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