Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sometime last week....with my head in the clouds

This was, I believe Monday...after getting ourselves settled, and a to Starbucks for a Soy latte with pumpkin spice...sooo good, we headed up Mt. Evans on the bikes.  It is the highest paved road I believe in North America.

The show of color from the Aspens were like nothing I have experienced before and I relished every eye popping turn.

There's A Storm Across the Valley 
 It did let loose as we headed back with lightning all around us, but it did not rain until we parked the bikes and jumped into the trailer.

 We made it up to Summit Lake where they had closed the road for the season.  At this point we were 12,800 ft!!  It was so cold up there and the road has no guard rails.  Like my daughter said, it is amazing how a 2' barrier makes you feel much safer!

Baby!! It's Cold Outside!

Not to be morbid, but I missed this sign until we stopped & my hubby said "Did you see that?"  So we turned around and went back...eery, I paid better attention to my riding after that.  And now I wonder who she was.....

Back into Golden, CO for dinner.... I believe this is called Table Mountain.  We really enjoyed this place.  Seemed a bit of Heaven on Earth.

Time to head off to my real job.......and I am late!  More to come.

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anglouise said...

gorgeous! I think the 2nd one is my favorite. The lighting is perfect!