Saturday, March 21, 2009

baby it's cold outside!

Well, to start off, Ang & I went to a cooking demo at a local family run home that caters to growing their own olive trees and processing the oil and holding cooking demonstations with participation. Today we shelled fresh fava beans, and again no pictures.... sorrry.
Ate & cooked and drank the most delicious fresh food. From Fava bean omelet to pasta, fresh sausage grilled on the outdoor grill, next to the pizza oven, mixed their house red wine with fresh squeezed blood orange juice, antipasta, mushrooms and eggplant marinated in their olive oil... and a taste of lemon infused Grappa.
The weather was threatening, but held off until we were done. Windy, oh my goodness, cold...not cool, COLD. I swear there was icy particles in the rain hitting the windshield.
Terry said he came across snow in his journeys today.
So, now it is afternoon, every huddled in, we have a corned beef in crockpot for later.
That's it for now!

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