Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 1 in Sicilia, Benessimo

 We arrived back to beautiful Sicily.  Springtime is an absolutely wonderful time to visit.  The hills are green and the wildflowers starting to spread everywhere.  There are many similar things about Sicily and California, ecspecially the central coast.
We were glad to get off the current mode of transportation and anxious to reunite with our daughter and son-in-law.
For more details in many of the days, she has done an excellent job of blogging our trip and you can visit her at:

So I will share from my side of the lens.

The first morning after we settled in, we ran up to Mineo, the hill town behind where they live.  A stop for a cappucino, the very best, forgot how good it was and a treat for Terry, a fresh Arancina, his absolute favorite Sicilian treat.  It has a ragu/cheese middle, surrounding by rice and rolled in bread crumbs and fried.  They are yummy.
Then we walked up the hill to the Friday morning market.  There is absolutely everything you need and fresh from the fields, dairy and sea.
Just take a good look at everything on this truck.
Now this is fresh fish!  pesce

You start to understand the sign layout after a bit.  Makes sense.  Terry got very good at it.
Me and our bella figlia, Angela with Mt. Etna in the background.
My command of the Italian language was not so good, even after taking Conversational Italian 2x in 2 years.  If you can't practice it, you just (or rather I) do not retain it.  But enough to catch words here and there, and at least recognize the jest of some conversations.  Angela has been picking up the language well.
 As we walked around town and through the market, it is always fun to spot different things.  I wanted to get a picture of this lady, while she wasn't watching us.  I succeeded and then while I continued to walk, a thin, short man with a grin started talking to me and pointing to the lady, he explained that that was his suocera, mom in law. As I walked away, I wondered what was going through their minds, was mom in law keeping a eye on him?  Just all fun stuff.

Notice the gentleman in the window?
Ang & Terry

 A "typical" Sicilian street.  I LOVE it!
Oh, yes, my friend.  Apparently I walked by him with no notice, with Terry & Angela a few steps behind, when I heard the laughing.  I guess he started fixing his hair, standing straighter and I missed it all.  So I turned around and asked if I could take his picture and he obliged.
And that was just the morning.  The afternoon will follow.

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anglouise said...

great post! i love to see our trip through your eyes/lens. looking forward to more posts!!