Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Back Home 2010

Sometimes you really can go back home.  We were fortunate to spend Christmas at my Mom's in the same house I grew up in, in Southern CA.  What a treat to be with my side of the family.
From having Raclette at my sister & bro in laws home on Christmas eve to brunch at mom's on Christmas Day.  I know a good time was had by all.
'Here are some of the pictures to share with you.

Christmas Morning Sunrise

Pepper Tree Frosty in Vista
 Pepper Tree sits next to a donut shop we went to while everything was still quiet.

Carols being Sung & Fire Glowing in the ..... TV!!!

And here's the mit!  and my handsome hubby ;)

Loving the Presents

Great Slippers!

Very Clever Kitty

Our Son in Law

Good thing it came with a sheath!

Love the Hats!

Our beautiful Mom

Enough pictures already!

What a great gift all around!
Wilson Creek Almond Champagne with Brunch
 It was wonderful, thanks for the memories!


My Captivating Life said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!!

Catherine "Cat" Evans said...

it was....and I realized after I posted I left out my hubby...unforgivable..but corrected Hope yours was good also