Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Frozen Drops

A quick blog of some pictures I snapped before work yesterday.  We had clear skies which brings cold frosty mornings.  I couldn't resist grabbing the macro and tripod to see if I could find some treasures hanging on the bare Maple trees.  The sun popped up and before I was done shooting, the drops were thawing out and starting to drip.  Through the lens I could actually see bubbles inside the ice moving around.  Amazing things happen in the macro world.

Here are a few captures....and then it is time to run!  May your day bring you joy.

  Hope you enjoyed the wonder of the macro world with me.  Cat


anglouise said...

Fantastic! The third one is my favorite :)

My Captivating Life said...

Simply stunning! I want a macro lens but I can't justify it just yet. One day when I make it big! LOL! :)

Catherine "Cat" Evans said...

thanks you two! It took me a long time to justify the lens. Won't be getting anything else anytime soon!

Angel Rogers said...

Wow- I love your next to lat image the best! Good work!

Catherine "Cat" Evans said...

Thanks stuff for me