Saturday, January 15, 2011

Anaheim Start of 2011 SX Season

 A week ago it started....

Every year at this time, the Supercross Season opens to a huge mass of fans, my husband being the number 1.  So we always make sure we attend the opener in Anaheim, as we have been doing for more years than I can remember.  It is always a great time to be with other fans of the sport, though the change through the years is amazing, as it is with everything.

This year anticipates to be widely followed with all the top riders back on the their rides for the season.

Dirt Rider writeup of the night  

Some good reading in the above link.  Below is a quick glance at the article

1. Ryan Dungey is fast even without Roger DeCoster. 

2. Ryan Villopoto hasn't lost a step.    The reigning champ! 

We have James Stewart back...3. James Stewart is still the fastest man on the planet

4. Chad Reed will be in this hunt. 

Chad was the only rider available to catch some shots of, thanks Chad!

5. KTM has some work to do.   KTM's new team leader, Roger DeCoster,

6. Ivan Tedesco is a player.    

7. The 250 class looks to be another Pro Circuit party.   They finished 1-2-3, good job guys!

A fantastic lineup all the way around!!  


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