Saturday, August 27, 2011

An Afternoon of Grace

Fresh & Roasted

Sometimes it is not only necessary to slow down and enjoy the little pleasures of life, but honorable to do so.  When my mom in law called to ask if we would like to take a short drive to Avila Beach to the Avila Barn... to go get some fresh roasted corn, we took the time.
Funny how difficult that is to do sometimes.  But I am becoming more aware of the fragile balance of life as time continues as the sand in an hourglass.  So, of course, camera in one hand and an ear of corn in the other, we took time.
Here are a few of the snaps...
The first to greet us hanging out on top of the goat pen was Penny Pigeon...

   The fresh produce is always good looking, as well as the fresh baked pies & other pastries.

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 They have a Zinnia garden this year...last year it was Sunflowers.

Gift Shop Goodies  
A welcome reprieve on a Saturday...go check them out someday.

Remember to take time ... sometimes that's all someone really needs.

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